One week and so much to talk about!

Hello again! This world never ceases to amaze me… Personally, I went through a minor surgery that I thought would jeopardize my mobilization to Djibouti in the Fall – which I haven’t even gotten to talk about yet. I had this terrible pain in my stomach which I thought was simple acid reflux or the result of a recent stomach bug my kids had. After about four hours of discomfort I ended up heading to the Emergency room and was diagnosed with gall stones. Of all the things – gall stones. It’s a stretch to say my life flashed before my eyes but the next year to year and a half did. After hearing that my gall bladder would be taken out, the surgeon explained that recovery would be about 4-6 weeks, I felt relieved that my mobilization to Djibouti would be intact.

The surgery was scheduled for a Friday and I was admitted at 10:30am and was home by 3:30pm. My surgeon, Dr. C. was excellent and everything went as planned. So well that I went to an NFL game less than 48 hours after surgery. I must admit that I could not have gone to the game without my buddy Steve driving and the necessary pain medications…

I had no dog in the fight for the NFL game – it was the Buccaneers vs the Jets, I was there to support Steve who’s a Bucs fan and also the reason we were down there was to celebrate his birthday. I wasn’t able to stand up and cheer a lot. For one, the offense wasn’t that good (for either side) and I was trying to minimize any potential pain by standing up/sitting down too much.

I’m still recovering from the surgery, and all the projects I have going around the house are on hold since I’m not up to hammering or putting up sheet rock. I hope to be fully recovered in a week or two. Until then, I’m off to see my beloved Red Sox tomorrow night (Thursday) with my UCONN EMBA Class of 2007 brother – Chad. The fun doesn’t stop there, on Friday I’ll be out and about with some UCONN EMBA Alums from the class of 2010.

The Big Elephant In The Room!

I’m finding it hard to talk about what happened down at the Navy Yard in Washington. I’ve been to that base numerous times when I was stationed at the Pentagon in the late 90’s… It’s so hard to process what transpired. I think I’ll just leave it at that.

So, next time, I promise to actually mention, in more detail, the main reason for this blog, which is to document my mobilization to Djibouti… There’s sooo much to talk about and I’m really excited to share it with you all.

I’ll leave you with lyrics from my favorite band – Pearl Jam. There hasn’t been a song or lyric that hasn’t gotten me through a bad time or a song that hasn’t lifted me up even higher during the good times. Ten is one of the iconic albums of my generation and to this day still inspires me, motivates me, and takes care of me.


Hold on to the thread

The currents will shift

Guide me towards you

Know somethings’s left

And we’re all allowed to dream

Of the next time we touch…

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